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DesktopWeb FormText   xbox support beatingsThu, 13 Mar 2008 02:03:25 GMT # 

my xbox support experiences has been a comedy of errors. this is how you kill brand loyalty.

round 1 - hardware failure
11/28/07 - my 360 breaks (RROD), i go onto and submit it for repair.
12/06/07 - still wasnt showing that the casket had been sent out. call xbox support again, and the agent said there was a problem and they were going to fix it.
12/11/07 - still nothing, so i call xbox support again. this agent says my repair request was still broken, so they deleted it and started over. i asked for them to expedite the casket being sent out, since it was sent 2 weeks ago ... they refused. i explain to them that i purchased the extended warranty from MS and it seems like i'd get better service ... nothing. they did offer a free game ... i'd already purchased the games they offered.
12/18/07 - casket arrives 21 days from my original repair request. i send it out that day.
12/31/07 - replacement console arrives, 33 days from original repair request. it comes with a card for a month of xbox live. of course my console was broken for over a month ... so they were almost breaking even by giving me a month.

round 2 - DRM
1/6/08 - i have 2 360 consoles. when purchasing content, i would buy everything on console A, and then stay signed into console B ... so everything is fully licensed on both (i.e. content is tied to your gamertag and the console it was purchased on). well, console A is the one that broke, so none of my content was licensed on the replacement console. this sucks, because i had purchased the first 100 arcade games that had come out. to be licensed on both consoles, i would have to sneakernet a memory unit between consoles ... no way. so i call support and tell them to re-license my content on the replacement console. first, they tell me to delete a game and redownload it. that doesn't work. second, they tell me to delete my profile (but not the saved games) and recover it on the replacement console. i delete my profile (but not the saved games), but cannot recover it because xbox live is screwed up.
1/7/08 - i finally recover my profile ... but all my (100+) saved games are gone. i did not delete my saved games, something in the recovery process deleted them. not happy. call xbox support again. they cant do anything about the missing saved games. but for the DRM, they tell me to wait 20 to 30 days for the license to change.
2/7/08 - nobody ever called ... of course. i call xbox support again and they say it will take another 30+ days.
3/11/08 - somebody from xbox support called and said the license has been changed ... all i have to do is re-download all 100 games i'd already purchased (6 at a time). so it took over 2 months to finally get my purchases licensed on the replacement console. what did xbox support do for my 2 months of not having my content fully licensed, and for unintentionally deleting my saved games ... absolutely nothing.

this has been my worst customer support experience in years. because of this BS, i won't be spending anymore money on the xbox brand. they gave me such a beating that i've stopped playing games on it altogether.