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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : i'm a dumbbellThu, 20 Mar 2008 18:37:24 GMT # 

new gym has dumbbells that go to 130. it's sad, but out of the 6 different gyms i ended up at in WI, they all maxed out at 100 or 120 ... so i haven't touched a 130 dumbbell for 5+ years. also haven't worked dumbbell bench for months, but i managed the 120s for 7 reps. should have stopped there; but the 130s were just sitting there all dusty and lonely at the end of the rack. so i picked them up, laid back ... and dropped the left one. my left grip just gave out. the dumbbell hit loud. bunch of people looked ... yep, i was the jackass.

there's even a backstory of why my grip failed. about a month ago i was at the gym working out legs. a lady next to me is trying to adjust the height on the leg curl machine, but the screw is stuck. she asks the guy to the other side of her, and he can't get it. so i'm assuming she looks for a bigger guy, or maybe its just the next nearest guy, which ends up being me. of course i wanted to be macho, so i went to help. grip the handle and turn ... nothing, its stuck. so i re-position, re-grip, and turn ... until my left pinky pops. it really hurts, but i'm in the process of being macho, so i hide the pain. take a look again, and it's actually rusted stuck. so i pick up a 10 lb plate which i'm giong to use to hit the screw until it breaks loose. hit it 3 times to break it loose. i should be feeling macho now, but on the 3rd hit, i also hit the same pinky that just popped. still hasn't fully recovered from that self inflicted injury.