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DesktopWeb FormText   MVP award : Client App DevTue, 01 Apr 2008 16:37:42 GMT # 

Awesome! ... my new MVP category is 'Client App Dev'. this is the 2nd most worried i've been about not getting renewed. for the other years, i targeted a specific group, and steered my community involvement to match. did not do that this year. instead i just wrote whatever articles interested me at the moment and presented at user groups whenever the opportunity arose. then at the end of the year, i looked back to see if my community efforts match up with one of the existing groups. ends up i did a bunch of windows client dev, but i was still worried because there is alot of competition in that group. yea!

pursuing the goal of 'pervasive computing', this makes 6 categories in 6 years. tablet 03, embedded 04, web services 05, media center 06, office communications 07, client app dev 08. oddly, this will be my first pure Development group.

haven't decided about next year. there are still alot of things I would write for Media Center, but it needs to regain some momentum before i would invest the time. still waiting for XNA to give access to the media, camera, and mic before i really get started there. if the 360 were to get a browser, i could see writing a number of windows home server apps. something will probably catch my eye at the summit.