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DesktopWeb FormText   chumbilliesThu, 03 Apr 2008 01:10:29 GMT # 

had the chumby for almost a week. i'm happy with it as an alarm clock. they also seem to be responsive about extending the alarm clock functionality for features and reliability. e.g. you can set an alarm to automatically activate night-mode. i also like the widget community they are creating. i have 3 channels. my 'default' channel is primarily clocks, weather, news headlines, and photo feeds. my 2nd channel is for video feeds that i would interact with as a time killer. the 3rd channel is random interactive widgets like the magic 8ball, games, calculator, chumby 9000, and hypnotoad! for the price, i'm not satisfied with its internet radio support. it only plays shoutcast streams for a handful of minutes before disconnecting, and it doesnt auto re-connect. i get the same experience with other audio streams, even a slimserver setup running on my LAN. my Chumby is in the room directly above my wireless router, so it should have a great signal. it looks like there is a way to setup a wired connection with a USB dongle, so i've got one on order to see if that helps out. regarding the slimserver, it only supports playback. so you have to use another browser to select tracks, see song info, etc... but there is a YouTube video where somebody has extended their Chumby to support those features as well. i'm holding my breath that the Chumby will get this feature in a future firmware update. as an end-user, i'm ok with the Chumby. it still has a ton of potential to win me over down the line.