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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : archenemyFri, 11 Apr 2008 16:39:16 GMT # 

i've got an enemy at gym. so how do you become my enemy? not that we've actually met ... but it all began when we first met. was working out, minding my own business, when i heard somebody grunting ridiculously loud. this guy kept grunting his entire workout. every single rep, even his warmup sets. but that wasn't enough to earn enemy status. what pushed him over the edge was when i was leaving the gym. the weights are on the 2nd floor, so i was walking downstairs. just so happens the gruntng guy was leaving at the same time. but the oddest thing happened, he was grunting as he walked down the stairs. serious. now i've had killer leg workous before, where i've been wincing as i exit. but this guy was full on grunting after an upper body workout. hell, he was still grunting and his workout was over. yep, that's how you become my enemy. another time, he growled after he drank from the water fountain. at least i think it was a growl? couple weeks ago, i was doing cardio in a different room, but i knew he was there because i could hear him. the best thing is somebody mocked him after a loud grunting session. when he finished, somebody else started up and mock grunted out a set. hilarious. but it didn't phase my enemy at all, he continued grunting just as loudly for his next set. don't get me wrong, he's one of the strongest guys at the gym ... just so happens i am too. i'm certain he's recognized that, because he now seems to use grunting as a way to mark territory. the closer my proximity is, the louder his grunting becomes. and it's not just the soundwaves, because i'm closer, he actually seems to be upping his grunting intensity. so what i'm doing now is seeing how much he lifts, and then i go do the same lift with more weight, more reps, and in silence. that is fun for me.