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DesktopWeb FormText   popcorn hourSun, 20 Apr 2008 06:44:42 GMT # 

picked up a Popcorn Hour to try out. they call it a media 'tank'. put 'tank' in a product name and i'll definitely consider buying it. already have two other set top media centers : xbox 360 and klegg mediaShare, plus an extended media center; so what makes the PopCorn Hour (PCH) interesting enough to pick up? first, MKV support. with Blu-Ray winning, i'm going to rip my HD-DVDs to HD MKVs. or it looks like they might end up supporting EVO too. also to watch anime that comes with embedded english subtitles and audio dubs. second, web service support. it can be used to get media from popular sites like YouTube, Flickr, Veoh, Live365, etc. not sure if it plays FLVs from YouTube or if it plays the format for the iPhone? third, MOV with RMP4. think i have some HD vids in that format? fourth, frequent firmware updates. it looks they are fixing bugs and adding features about once a month. it can already play all the files in a directory back to back, so i'm hoping they extend it to randomly jump to different files in that list. that would make this an excellent player for music videos.