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DesktopWeb FormText   myspace friend whoringFri, 25 Apr 2008 23:31:50 GMT # 

against my anti-social behavior, i was compelled to join myspace. not that i can critique anybodys grammar, but i'm getting sick of it saying 'you have 1 friends'. anyway, this is my 1st look at a social networking site, so please shoot me a friend request so i can properly check it out. at least i understand the 'more friends than Tom' joke now.

the concept certainly makes sense, although the visible tech isnt impressive. but the social aspect already got me. when i created a profile, it added Tom as my friend. i understand the need to add an initial friend, to jump start people ... but it felt like a total intrusion. my reaction was like 'you don't know anything about me, what makes you presume that we are friends'. yep, not sure why i would push back so much at some virtual stranger being signed up as my friend. but that is how i reacted. wow, when did i become such an asshole? i'm assuming other people might react 'alright, i've already got a friend'. not me, i revoked his friend privileges. and that's when it gets annoying. his posts still show up in my friend subscriptions. now that rightfully pisses me off, because its basically spam now. so then i blocked him ... but his posts still show up. er, um ... so now its not really myspace ... its tomsspace.