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DesktopWeb FormText   (not) the end of evangelionTue, 29 Apr 2008 03:08:05 GMT # 

just (sort of) finished the evangelion movies. the first part, Death, was a rehash of episodes 1-24 of the TV series. could have skipped it. if you didnt see the first 24 episodes, you'd have no clue what was going on. the second movie, End of Evangelion (EOE), picked up from that ending. the first half of EOE was seriously brutal. i had basically forgiven them for episodes 25 and 26 of the TV show, and then the second half of EOE went all weird again. we're talking 45 minutes of weird. weird like the end of the TV series, with a bigger budget. they even throw in a couple minutes to try and trigger eplileptic seizures. the part that really sucks is they get you all pumped up for Eva1 to kick some ass, then nothing. at this point, i wished i would have watched the first 24 episodes, never known 25/26/Death existed, then watched the first half of Eve of Evangelion, and never seen the second half of EOE.

but its (not) over. there's another movie : Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone. not sure if it has an English dub yet? i'm just hoping it caps the weird to about 10 minutes max.