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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn :Wed, 30 Apr 2008 04:26:18 GMT # 

finished the first week of the new routine. my quads are still problematic because they feel sore when lifting, even though they should be fully recovered. thighs are doing fine, so i've been having to change those workouts to target the thighs and ease off the quads. back workouts have been great because i'm not use to having the day of rest beforehand. finally managed 10+ pullups (not bad for my weight). chest has become secondary but its still making progress. broke through the 315 barrier on decline and pushed 120 on dumbbell incline. triceps have outgrown the cable machines, will have to start using the lat machines for the larger stack. biceps seem to be reacting to the new routine. had felt like i was just going through the motions, but i'm starting to gain control. hand strength has caught up, because i had no problems with the 120 dumbbells. left pinky is still gimped though. didnt think my pinky did much, but my right hand seems to be at least 25+ lbs stronger (insert masturbation joke here). i dont think its really a difference in strength, but its just that the motion feels more natural with full use of my pinky (insert thats what she said joke here). calves still suck. abs have gotten stronger, so they are reducing pressure on my low back for heavy lifts.

bodyweight finally dropped some. been 240 for 4 months, which is heavier than i should be right now. body composition has been changing. been gaining muscle primarily in my legs while leaning up bodywise. e.g. arms were over 18, thinned down to 17.5, and now they're close to 18 again. so i think i've finally reached the critical amount of muscle mass to churn through calories. of course the warm spring weather is helping to trigger a loss too. going to change my diet to coincide, so i'm cutting fats and reducing carbs. i'm getting better about knowing when i need carbs, so that i'll still have energy to workout. of course i still crave more carbs than i need. the goal is to get under 230 within a month, and then stay at that weight for a while, continuing to change composition. been doing cardio twice a day, but i've had to cut back (intensity and duration) because of the sore quads. quads really need to start properly recovering. actually thinking about getting a muscle stim unit to try and work through this.