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DesktopWeb FormText   one month with the ChumbyThu, 01 May 2008 04:10:55 GMT # 

the Chumby has been a reliable alarm. i've got it setup to play one of my favorite mp3s when i wake up. its also got an option to stop playing after N minutes, but that isnt working for me, it just keeps playing. i've tried their beta too, which has some more alarm fixes, but that didnt help. seems like i should be able to set it up to play N # of songs and then stop.

although it can play local music, it doesnt seem to have an option to display local images? it does have widgets for displaying remote images, seems odd that it doesnt have digital picture frame functionality already.

the biggest killer for me is the unreliable wireless network connectivity. i've tried the ethernet-over-usb connection, but that's not working reliably either. since the Chumby is entirely an internet appliance, they've got to make the network connectivity rock solid ASAP. and when it fails, it has to recover.

so i'm just using the Chumby as an alarm and waiting for a firmware update before i use it for anything else.