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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn :Mon, 05 May 2008 05:15:10 GMT # 

finished another set of workouts. quads seemed to lighten up a little bit, so i was able to get a medium intensity workout in and increase cardio intensity. for flat bench, i've been doing solid sets of 315, so i'll slowly start bumping up to 325. got up to the 85s on dumbbell shoulder press. IIRC, my personal best is around 105 or 110 ... hope to get back to that weight soon. one problem is i tweaked my left arm doing machine head crushers. the lift was fine, but it was awkward getting into lifting position. ended up having to get somebody to hand me the weight after tweaking my arm. so i dont think my tricep is actually hurt, just some secondary muscle. still was able to lift biceps afterwards with no issues. hope its not a shoulder tie-in. its bothering me a little, but i'm expecting it to heal quickly or be ignorable. biceps are finally showing some definition. my bicep is relatively long, so it takes forever for it to take shape.

weights been down to 235 a couple days now. that's too quick. need to increase calories before i start dropping energy. my split right now is about 55% carbs, 10% fat, 35% proteins. that ends up being about 175 grams of protein for muscle maintenance. when i'm really trying to add muscle, i shoot for a minimum 1 gram of protein for each lb of body weight. one problem i'm having is i've been waking up starving every night. my casein protein is only cutting it for a couple hours. when that happens, i've been downing another 42 grams of liquid protein. that doesnt seem to be working, so i might switch to some low fat meal replacement drink instead. i've got to be able to sleep better to heal.