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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn :Sat, 10 May 2008 03:59:13 GMT # 

need some heavier dumbbells. can handle the 130s on dumbbell flat bench now, and am getting close to the 130s for incline bench. on single arm row, the 130s are nothing. now i'm doing the trick where you wrap a towel around your wrist and then piggy back a second (lighter) dumbbell on top of the first, wedged in between the dumbbell and your wrapped wrist (e.g. 20lb dumbbell stacked on a 130). back is still coming in strong. was able to get 12 pullups from additional strength and dropping 5 lbs bodyweight. used to do 15+ controlled pullups, so i've still got some ground to regain. granted, i can count the number of times i've seen somebody over 200 lbs doing (any) pullups on one hand. for chest, went over 315 on decline again. used to workout with 365 on decline, so i've got room there. the odd thing is my flat bench and decline are almost identical; usually my decline is 25-50lbs stronger. its probably because i was lacking a decline bench in WI for 3 years and my lower man boobs have gotten weak. working out with 275 on incline for reps. want to get that back up to 315 for reps. whatever muscle/joint i injured doing nosebreakers last week hasn't been an issue. tweak it periodicically through daily arm motions, but it hasnt bothered me at all while lifting. haven't done shoulders yet, so it might still screw that up. got back to squatting 365 for reps. quads were just a little bit tight but felt alot better than last week. they're not tight from lack of flexibility, because i'm still crazy flexible. would like to do some yoga at the new gym, but the classes are ridiculously crowded.