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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : love heavy daysTue, 13 May 2008 23:37:17 GMT # 

took the 130lb dumbbells for a couple sets of 6 on flat bench. that's the end of the rack. been asking for heavier dumbbells, but the gym has said 'no' because of how they get thrown around. the dumbbells at this gym do abuse the dumbbells more so than other gyms i've been to. when i lift heavy dumbbells, the testoserone gets the best of me too, and i'll glance around to note the people that weight less than a single dumbbell. sorry, i cant help it. anyway, the game is more fun with 150s. then i went and maxed out the chest fly machine. dont even warmup at this weight anymore, just walk up and move the pin to the bottom along with adding the incremental weights. followed that up by maxing out the shoulder press cable machine. today, i maxed out the seated dip machine at 630 lbs for 8 reps (sounds more impressive than it really is). followed that up with tricep pushdowns on a lat pull, because the other cable tricep machines are maxed. so my upper body has readjusted back to strength training. that's not too surprising because i was at my peak strength less than a year ago. my legs haven't been at their peak for about 3 years, so they've got some catching up to do.

going to leave dumbbell flat bench alone for a while. need to concentrate on getting dumbbell shoulder press back into the 100s. plus dumbbell shoulder press feels more natural than straight bar shoulder press to me. the gains i make there will help push dumbbell incline bench into the 130s. i wont do dumbbell decline bench anymore. its too awkward to try and get onto the bench without having somebody hand you the weight. and when you go heavy, you really need 2 people to hand you both the weights at the same time. this makes it difficult to get your hand positioning right. last time i tried dumbbell decline bench, my shorts got snagged and well ... (shudder)

getting close to maxing out many of the machines. now i'm picking machines based on how difficult they are. even with the same weight stack a different brand of machine might be significantly more challenging than another. this complicates things in the gym. i asked a guy to work in on the chest fly yesterday, and he pointed out the empty one a row over. then i explained that machine was much easier than the one he was on. he didnt understand until i moved the pin. and i never use dual pulley machines ... what's the point? all they do is make the stack 1/2 as effective. finally, i'm forced to do single body part exercises on machines using more than half the stack. at least i'll be back to increased reps shortly, and then the stacks will have more than enough weight.