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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : what happened to my enemyMon, 19 May 2008 16:12:17 GMT # 

this last set of workouts sucked ... the whole set. there are good days and bad days, but this is the first set of workouts that have been bad since i started at the new gym. back was ok, but i couldnt get biceps to do anything. struggled through legs because my quads were tight again. chest and triceps didnt feel strong either. i'm assuming that the workouts were flat because i've been running on reduced calories for almost 3 weeks? i'll stick with it as long as strength is maintained. lifting right now is just a way to remind my body that it needs to keep the muscle.

the worst news is my enemy has been a no-show for weeks. i need him to come back to compete against. as a backup, i'm holding auditions for new enemies. there should be an influx soon, since kids will be getting back from college. punk kids make good enemies. college chicks have a tendency to prolong my cardio workouts too :)

for the diet, i'm hovering around 232. its odd, the first week i dropped almost 1lb a day, which wasnt healthy. not entirely sure what was happening? my calorie deficit was maybe 500 calories. now the diet has slowed to losing about 1lb a week, which is what i expected, and is healthy. the only reason i care about weight right now is that i want to make cardio (i.e. jogging) easier. it already feels alot more comfortable at 232 then it did at 240. the goal is still to get under 230 by the end of the month ... it'll be close. did make a change from last week. when i was losing too fast, i added in a pre-workout snack of 250 calories. since my weight loss has slowed to something reasonable i've cut that snack back out. pretty soon i'll start ignoring body weight again and just work on body composition.