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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn :Fri, 23 May 2008 03:31:26 GMT # 

finished another set of workouts. started out thinking that my back workout was really stinking ... then i realized the weight stack was marked in kilograms! so i unknowingly made a big leap on lat pull. actually, i dont think my back got that much stronger, i think my improved hand grip was the major change. bicep strength also shot up on the hammer preacher curl for a set with 3 plates. then i got through a set of 5 with the 70lb dumbbells. not good form, but almost passable. know this makes me a douche, but i get a kick out of grabbing the weights that somebody is benching and then using them for curls. how horrible is that? didnt make any gains on chest, but shoulders are slowly adding strength. going to have to switch chest back to being the primary body part after a rest day. triceps are fine, they pushed through 35+ dips. quads are still no good. need to take it easier on them until i reduce cardio and give them some more time to adapt. at least my legs are starting to show more definition. calves are getting stronger ... still not growing. hate that