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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : end of diet goalSat, 31 May 2008 01:57:10 GMT # 

so i completed the diet goal, to get below 230 in a month. at 229 now. started out feeling really strong and full of energy. i've actually kept gaining strength, but i haven't 'felt' strong for the last week and a half. energy levels have dropped too. still been doing all my cardio sessions, but i've cut morning cardio short the last couple days. lame, but i havent cheated myself on the high intensity cardio in the afternoon, which is hard as hell to pull off after a weight session. the worst part is trying to jog when you can barely lift your arms. plus i'm constantly tripping the kill switch on the treadmill because my arm will slowly drop and accidently hit the emergency off button. the worst part of this month is i've totally gotten out of the habit of taking a multivitamin ... need to fix that ASAP.

strength-wise, my back got significantly stronger. mainly due to it being the first body part after a day off and improved hand strength. i had also changed it up to work my biceps more and they've finally started to develop. more importantly, i've regained muscle awareness of my biceps, so that'll make them easier to work from here on. chest strength remained mostly constant and triceps made some gains. legs haven't been doing great, because of too much cardio, but they were able to max out the leg curl/extension machines yesterday. leg abduction/adduction is thoroughly maxed too. now i just need my squat form to settle in. started working shoulders too, but i tweaked my left shoulder, and have been taking it easy on them.

get to take the next couple days easy to recover, then its back to it. already got my supplements/nutrition/cardio planned for next month ... still formulating the lifting routine.