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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : as seen on tv : slendertoneSun, 01 Jun 2008 23:57:53 GMT # 

its akward to even admit that i bought a fitness product that's been advertised on tv. but i did. at least i bought if off amazon ... so i'm partially civilized. the problem is i'm not good at working out my abs, because i'm top heavy. me trying to do crunches on the floor is like watching a turtle thats been rolled onto its back. even though i workout my legs all the time, they're just not heavy enough to counterbalance the chest and back. when i was lifting heavy this last month, there were a couple times i felt a tug on my abs. that brings up the fear of hernia. i dont actually know what a hernia is, just that it has something to do with coughing :) so i needed to strengthen up the abs for their sake, and to take stress off my low back. enter the slendertone. from past football injuries (you should have seen the other guy), i know muscle stim works. and the slendertone is just a muscle stim unit targeted for home use.

first, i went with the newer slendertone system. its kind of interesting because they are going to release other sleeves to work with it. e.g. there is a skirt (not for me) and it looks like arm sleeves are coming next. it uses gel pads which you can use around 20 times. its difficulty setting goes to 100, and it works you through 20 to 40 minute programs. been using it for a month (5 days on, 1 day off). started out at a difficulty setting of 45 and i've gradually increased to 90. actually, i start out at 80, go for about 10 minutes (to get used to it), then up to 90. the question is does it work? contrary to WiiFit ... i'm not that fat, and i had some ab muscle to begin with. so when the slendertone is going, it definitely activates my abs. if you've never used muscle stim, its like a 'good' cramp. unless you turn it up too high, then its like a cramp cramp. to me, an actual cramp is the worst pain in the world. i've cramped 3 times in my life ... and i vividly remember what body part cramped, where it happened, and what i was doing at the time. for fat loss, this isnt the right product. cardio and nutrition is what's needed. but for strengthening the abs, it definitely works. my abs are definitely stronger and that has helped my form during certain lifts. my only complaint is that it doesnt seem to activiate my lower abs as well upper and obliques. guess i still have to work those manually.