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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : wrapupSun, 08 Jun 2008 05:22:05 GMT # 

finished the first set of the new workout routine. its brutal, because my body hasnt figured out how to train for size. actually, the training part isnt the problem, its the healing ... i'm freakin sore. when strength training, i rarely get sore. at least i'm getting a little better at working out with higher reps, because i can do reps until strengh failure. previously, i would have to stop because of lactic acid buildup. so the workouts were good ... i'm just feeling half-sick from being sore.

its basically training one body part a week. that's a big change, because that doesnt work for me when strength training. but i need to give it a chance for size training. that also means i cant half ass any of the workouts. thats difficult because size training takes more mental concentration to keep form in check, slow the tempo, perform more sets (per bodypart), perform more reps, and rest for less time. for strength, i could always lose some mental control and bully my way through a set if necessary. at least being sore is a good sign that i got something out of it

body weight has leveled off at 229. although, i did have to cheat last weekend after some serious cravings for pizza and ice cream. that's off limits for the rest of the month. had to re-evaluate what i've been eating, and i'm gradually swapping out certain foods for something with a lower glycemic index. still haven't figured out carbs, because there are times when i feel really flat during the day. but the pre-workout snack has come through for powering the workouts. sleep is still a problem, because i keep waking up in the middle of the night craving protein, even though i've been eating more protein than i was last month. i need an IV protein drip ...