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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : feed the machineThu, 12 Jun 2008 16:59:36 GMT # 

i follow the 'many small meals a day' plan. so i'm pretty much eating all day to keep the metabolism going. right now i'm eating to lose fat while maintaining muscle. a typical day looks like :

morning protein (35 grams blend), ceral (protein and fiber with skim milk) or oatmeal, 1/2 cup egg whites, veggie snack or fruit, lunch (mainly carbs and protein), afternoon protein (35 grams blend), pre-workout snack, pre-workout drink, post-workout drink, post workout protein (35 grams whey), tuna or chicken, more veggies, cottage cheese or yogurt (light), before bed protein (35 grams casein), middle-of-night protein (35 grams blend). i'll also snack on almonds and grilled chicken strips throughout the day.

ends up being 2500 calories. around 50 grams fat, 225-250 carbs (75-100 sugar), 275-300 protein. main fat sources are almonds, natural peanut butter, and lean meats. the goal is to keep it at 50 or slightly above. plus i supplement (good) fat with CLA and Flax oil. sugars are mostly from the post workout drink and fruit. going to switch post workout drinks to drop sugar intake to 50 grams and see how my body reacts to that. if energy drops, then i'll up the good carbs. need to find more food choices that are higher carb with low sugar. its been more difficult for me to find low-sugar products than low-fat. didnt realize how many low fat products had so much sugar. i don't follow 'calories-are-calories' so i try to get most carbs earlier in the day. try to get protein any chance i can ... wish the stores i shopped at had protein bread. for liquid, its all water. protein mixed with water, green tea, iced coffee (no cream or sweeteners), and more water. comes to 24+ cups a day.