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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : dietSun, 15 Jun 2008 00:06:58 GMT # 

was confused about how much fat i should be getting. for grams, i was getting 10%, and that seemed right to me ... but the articles i'd been reading were saying 20%! finally figured out that the articles were talking calories. so the mismatch is because fat grams are 9 calories, while protein/carb grams are 4 calories. the bodybuilding article which most closely matches my diet recommended 40% carbs, 40% protein, 20% fat (calories) [there's actually a grams calulator at the link, i just totally missed it]. after the grams conversion, that becomes 45% carbs, 45% protein, 10% fat. i'm pretty consistent with 10% fat, but my protein/carb split is more like 40%/50%. since i'm on a caloric deficit, i think i'm supposed to keep it that way; and then balance them out when i go back to bulking up.

have reduced sugars to below (10%). this involved cutting out fruit entirely, and replacing a post workout drink that was 37 grams of sugar for one with 10 grams. my other big sugar fix is from skim milk (10 grams) with cereal. since cutting back on sugar, i actually noticed the sugar taste in milk for the first time. even some of the high protein cereals have too much sugar, so i'll have to eat more oatmeal (with water).

weight is down to 227. even though i've added more calories and reduced cardio, from last month, i've still been losing 1lb a week. my current guess is that my daily caloric use is 3000. at least that coincides with being a 500 calorie deficit. waist size seems to have dropped rapidly in just the last couple weeks. lower abs are starting to firm up too. also trying to figure out bodyfat percentage. BMI has me at 31% (obese), which is bogus. the body measurement estimates have me at 21-24%. i'm going to try calipers, but they dont work so well on me since my body type mostly stores belly fat (i.e. chest and thigh measurements will be low).