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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : diet modsThu, 19 Jun 2008 01:03:29 GMT # 

basing my diet off of the estimate that i need 3000 calories per day with a split of 20% fat, 40% carbs, 40% protein. if that's the case, then i need about 66 grams of fat, 300 carbs, 300 protein to maintain my current weight. but for weight loss, i need a caloric deficit. a deficit of 500 calories a day, would be about 1 lb a week, because there are 3500 calories in 1 lb of fat. the caloric deficit should come from reducing starchy carbs. so i'm shooting for 55 to 66 grams of fat, 200 to 225 carbs, 300 protein. its counter-intuitive, but i'm having to supplement extra fats, but there's the risk if you dont get enough fats, then your body goes into fat conservation mode. instead, we want to train the body to burn off the fat, by reducing carb dependence. by keeping protien high, and lifting, the hope is that muscle will be preserved. also keeping sugars below 50 grams because it interferes with fat loss. mostly off all artificial sweeteners too. its also counter-intuitive, but almost none of the foods i'm eating are marketed as 'low fat'. had to get rid of most of those because they had too much sugar. instead, if there's a 'high protein' option for a food, then that's what i get.

the mods i've made is to vary my foods, which in turn will vary my fat/carb/protein split. e.g. i might go one day keeping fats at 55 grams, then bump it up to 66 the next day. except protein, i keep it at 300 grams. for carbs, i've added 'cheat days' where i increase them up to 300 grams. the concept is that this confuses the body about how many carbs it will get, so it wont become efficient at running on low carbs. instead i want it to inefficiently burn through the carbs on low-carb days and then have it to turn to the stored fat. this should also keep me from dropping too much energy and feeling run down. the final change has been to eat carbs and protein together. this does something to the effect of helping protein uptake when carbs spike your insulin level. another change i might do is to replace some starchy carbs with more fibrous carbs.

the hardest part of the diet has been cutting fruit. when i switch back to bulking up, fruit is going to rock! switching to 0 calorie liquids was tough at first, but green tea and cold-brewed coffee have made up for that loss. counting calories is annoying, but its actually allowed me to eat more than i would think i should. in the past, i've always hit a wall in the 1st month because my energy levels would dip too much. probably because i wasnt getting enough fat/carbs, and too much sugar, so my body would go into fat conservation mode. 'no alcohol' sucks ... there needs to be a protein-based alcoholic drink :) but alcohol pretty much screws everything up : empty calories (i.e. no nutrients), stops fat burning process, dehydrates, causes bad food decisions ... crap!