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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : diet updateSun, 22 Jun 2008 17:57:06 GMT # 

sort of stuck at 226. my weight loss pattern has been to drop a pound, add it back on the next day, lose that pound again the next day, and then stay at the lower weight for a couple days before dropping again. but right now i keep bouncing back and forth between 226 and 227. anyway, i've got about a week left to get below 225 ... so it'll be close. going to keep food intake the same and increase cardio by about 10 minutes.

measurements are decreasing. waist is slowly dropping although there arent many visible changes in my belly. right now my upper abs have mostly thinned out, and i'm stuck with lower and side belly fat ... ugly. in the past, my upper abs go, then lower, and finally obliques. upper body is visibly thinning down and my arms have dropped below 17 1/2 ... lame, must work on that next month.

picked up some AccuFitness calipers for self-measurement. i need to take them to the gym with me and have a trainer help me out, to make sure i'm using them right. been trying myself and the results vary quite a bit. at least the highest i've measured myself is 21%. compared to BMI which puts me at 31%, and the body part measurement estimates that put me at 21-24%. the problem i have with these tests is they dont seem to take into account body type. anyway, my caliper measurements are about 10 and lower for chest and thigh, and 20+ for belly ... because thats where i mostly store fat.

liftings been good, at least i'm recovering faster after 12 rep workouts. energy is slightly down, so i'm looking forward to having a couple days off soon. strength might still be increasing on some lifts. i'm estimating my decline max might be 385 now. but most of my gains have been in shoulders and traps, they are noticably adding size.