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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : 2nd month wrapupSun, 29 Jun 2008 05:02:25 GMT # 

body weight hit 224, so i made this months goal to get below 225. that comes to about 15 lbs in 2 months (7 lbs the first week, and then 1 lb/week). did not initially state the weight goal this month because i did not think i would meet it. last months routine added calories (250-500 more) and reduced cardio (30 minutes max), so i thought my weight would stabilize. i'm assuming weight loss continued because i worked on nutrition. those changes compelled me to eat more (good) fat, eat more protein, cut sugars to below 50 grams/day, and mainly reduce carbohydrates (with occasional cheat days). so even though i was eating more calories, i was getting more energy out of those calories and disrupting the fat burning process less. granted my energy level is down slightly, but i dont feel like my body ever slipped into fat conservation mode. strength is still up, although i ended the month failing early on some sets. i actually think that my body did better with muscle maintenance when i was training for strength the 1st month vs training for size the 2nd month. so maybe i should stick to lower reps when i'm on a caloric deficit and do higher reps when i'm feeding the machine ...

visibly leaner this month. upper belly is gone and the lower belly is reducing. er, um ... love handles don't seem to be budging. that's where i store fat first, and since i mostly store fat in my belly ... suck. need to do more twisting exercises to get them to at least firm up some. the good news is that my upper body is showing more definition especially in arms and shoulders. legs are showing more definition from all the cardio.

uncertain about the calipers, but 21% is still my max reading and i only managed that once on the 1st day. i'm consistently measuring below 20%. that seems low to me, so i've been pinching more aggressively. chest comes in at 10, thigh is 10-15, and belly is 20-25. i'm assuming my chest and thigh measurements will remain mostly constant since i dont store fat there in the 1st place. lower abs should continue to thin up, so the belly measurement has the potential to drop quite a bit. unless i'm totally measuring wrong, i might already be in the upper range of 'normal' weight. of course i've still got some belly, so my body type skews the entire process. anyway, i need get a trainer from the gym to show me proper caliper usage.

now i get a couple days off from working out to recover and load up on carbs. need to figure out the plan for next month.