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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : new planWed, 02 Jul 2008 19:27:03 GMT # 

got the new plan figured out. the goal is to drop another 5 lbs and get below 220. nutrition is going to stay about the same, except i'm going to slightly increase calories to 2500. 50 to 65 grams of fat, 200-225 carbs, sugars below 50, and 275-300 protein. for supplements, i'm going to stop taking NO because it still doesnt seem to do anything for me. i am going to start adding additional creatine (5 grams) to my pre and post workout drinks. cardio stays split (light in AM empty stomach, heavy PM post lifting). for weights, i'll lower the reps to between 7 and 9 as a compromise between size and strength. switching to 4 days on 1 off, to get more rest days. also, putting legs between chest and back. doing chest, then back, then legs was tough last month.

chest, shoulders
legs, calves, abs
back, traps
tris, bis, forearms

when this month finishes i'll just work on body composition for at least a month. the goal will be to maintain 220 lbs while continuing to lose fat and adding muscle. right now i'm guessing that i'll have to add 250 to 500 calories. most of the additional calories will probably come from carbs. figure my weight will go up some from the body re-storing glycogen/water. had to have lost some muscle mass too ... so that'll come back. will also cut down on jogging, and replace with elliptical, to get my leg strength to build back up. bigger leg muscle will burn more calories on the next weight loss cycle. weights should probably go back up to higher reps for size and i'll have more energy for that type of workout.