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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : first week of new planMon, 07 Jul 2008 01:34:27 GMT # 

had a mega cheat day last week. who would have thought a small 'cold stone' shake had 1200+ calories? that seemed to give my metabolism a good kick because i quickly dropped a couple pounds. metabolism has been noticably more active the last couple months. can notice it burning when i'm just sitting around. after drinking that shake, it basically turned on fire to start burning those calories. i've also become highly dependent on many small meals throughout the day. if something makes me miss a meal, it really starts to effect me. the new workout schedule is better. seemed to have more energy on both my leg and back days. and having a day just for arms is too much fun. strength is slightly down, but i'm just blaming that on reduced calories ... will be easy to regain.