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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : muscleheadTue, 15 Jul 2008 00:53:29 GMT # 

this is brilliant. i'm at the gym and starting my second set of weights. adjust the weight on a machine and just pull down on the handles to test the stack. seems like it might be too heavy for 8 reps, so i bend over and lighten the stacks. do my 1st set, and its way too light. feeling stupid, i bend over and adjust the stacks again, only to raise up and hit my head on the machine. that hurts ... my pride. about half way through my workout i go to wipe some sweat off and see my towel has blood marks on it. my 1st thought is that the gym needs to use bleach. then i realize the blood is fresh. find a clear spot on the towel, wipe my head ... yep, busted it open. the sad thing is, this is at least the 2nd time i've busted my head open at a gym.

the last set of workouts was no good because i got sick. had a fever for a couple days. the fever itself wasnt so bad, but the problem was it slowed down the previous workouts recovery and amplified soreness. my legs felt the sorest they've been in about a year. simple acts like sitting down were painful. went to the gym those days and did some light workouts to get the endorphins flowing. pullups and chinups are both to 13 reps now. dips are way too easy now, something like 45+ reps.