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didnt like that i was just guessing how many calories i needed, so i took 2 tests at the gym to get better numbers. both tests involved wearing what looked like an S&M (bring out the gimp) mask with a tube coming out of it and hooked to a computer measuring oxygen and carbon dioxide, along with a chest strap measuring heart rate. the first test took 15 minutes relaxing in a dark room. it measured Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). the result was i need 1850 calories for my body to function, and 2450 calories for a sedentary lifestyle (i.e. office work). i'd been guessing 3000 calories, and that is probably low on workout days. the second test took 15 minutes walking uphill on a treadmill. it started out low intensity and increased to high intensity. the result was how many calories and what percentage fat i was burning at different intensity levels. so it determined what my heart rate should be (104) to burn the most calories with the highest fat percentage. i've never really paid attention to heart rate, but i'll start paying more attention. the more interesting part is the software created a cardio workout schedule. the goal of the workout is to modify my training zones so that i'm burning more calories and a higher percentage of fat at a higher heart rate.

ends up my heart rate should remain low to be in the fat burning zone. most of my cardio workouts the last 2+ months have been more intense and burning a lower percentage of fat calories. need to do a better job there. i've also probably been underestimating how many calories i burn during lifting. so i'm going to start wearing a chest strap to get an idea of how many calories i'm actually burning while i lift and to make sure i dont stay way above the fat burning zone during cardio.

got about a week left of this months routine. weight just dipped down to 220, so there is a good chance i can reach the goal to get under 220. that said, it seems like i burned up muscle this month. strength has definitely dropped on some lifts, and i dont feel like i've gained strength on any lifts. the lesson learned is that i shouldnt reduce calories for more than 2 months in a row. i've also stopped counting calories because its become mostly routine. from the month i was counting, i know what i should be eating and when. now i just make sure to lookup and record the nutrition info whenever i eat a 'new' food.

finally, 100 pushups. i've seen it on a couple blogs and my friend said he's doing it. hadn't done pushups in years, but i knew that i used to be able to do sets of 50. also know that i've never done a set of 100. for kicks, i tested and stopped at 60 reps with 5 to 10 left (current bench max is around 365+). stopped because i'd already worked-out out chest that morning, so i was supposed to be resting. even if i was fresh, i'm positive i couldn't make 100 reps. anyway, i'm not going to do it. that many reps seems pointless. feel the same doing bodyweight dips. after so many reps, i might as well do a weighted exercise instead. hmm ... that's why i stopped doing pushups in the 1st place.

pic below shows my workout calendar. i record bodyweight, cardio/ab/grip work, lifting body part and exercises performed.