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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : 3 month weight-loss wrapupMon, 28 Jul 2008 04:44:10 GMT # 

bodyweight hit 219, so i met this months goal to get under 220. the problem is i burned up more muscle this month than in previous months. although i was eating more calories, i was craving more calories too. i'm assuming that was my body trying to avoid cannibalizing existing muscle? in 3 months i lost over 20 lbs : 8 lbs the 1st week, and just over 1lb each week from then on. now the obligatory ... i'm back to my (high school and college) football playing weight. not sure what my starting bodyfat percentage was, but my last self-measurement was below 14%. lost a couple inches off the waist, and more than a couple off the belly.

next months plan is to build back up and regain some of the muscle i've lost. i'll mostly be eating clean, but will increase calories to avoid a deficit ... YEA! plus i'll get to eat fruit ... DOUBLE YEA! that means more energy in the gym and better recovery. jogging will be limited to once a week (if at all), and restricted to a workout day after a leg day; because my legs have been held back. supplements will stay about the same, except protein might slightly increase. a high sugar post workout drink will be ok too. lifting will probably be a 5 day routine with 12 reps. hope to keep body weight between under 225. i'm assuming that i'll regain some water weight and glycogen store that i rapidly lost the first week of reduced calories.

for the Wii-Fit weigh-in ... BMI dropped below 30%, so my Mii was down/upgraded from 'obese' to 'overweight'. so now the Mii 'after' photo has a smaller belly. they could at least make him smile ... or at least stop frowning.