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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : from catabolic to anabolicFri, 01 Aug 2008 02:06:27 GMT # 

been trying to figure out calories for this next month. i've been in a catabolic (weight loss) state for the last 3 months. the first 2 months were primarily fat loss, but last month seemed to burn up more muscle. next months plan is to switch back into an anabolic (growth) state to avoid even more muscle loss. had been doing 2500 calories for weight loss because i need 3000 calories for maintenance on workout days. now i'm going to need a calorie surplus to go anabolic. 3000 calories on non-workout days, and 3500 calories on workout days. if i get an additional 500 calories each day, then the idea is i'll regain a couple pounds of lean muscle mass. getting the extra calories should be easy because i've read a couple articles lately that the average american consumes approximately 3750+ calories each day.

now i am back to counting calories to figure out how i should be getting those extra calories while continuing to eat 'clean'. fat stays at 20%. protein increases slightly. carbs increase alot, because that is where i had been getting the caloric deficit. consuming extra protein and carbs has automatically increased fat intake, so i dont need to supplement extra good fats anymore. also been getting extra carbs from fruit, so i'm going to allow sugar intake to increase above 50 grams.