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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : caloric guesstimationSat, 02 Aug 2008 17:39:54 GMT # 

made the changes to my heart rate monitor (HRM) and its caloric estimates went off the chart.

2 weeks ago. 1 hr chest workout. resting heart rate : 60 (default), max heart rate : 188 (default), VO2 37 (5 minute OwnIndex test). estimated to be 300 calories.

today. 1 hr chest workout. resting heart rate : 50, max heart rate : 151, VO2 57, estimated to be 950 calories. throw in 30 minutes of cardio and that put me at 1450 calories burned in 1.5 hrs ... compared to 150 calories burned sitting at a computer for the same amount of time.

er, um ... that's a 600+ (3X) caloric difference. the moral of the story is ... i still dont have a decent clue how many calories i burn working out ... and ultimately how many calories i should be consuming. since the numbers were so different, i talked to another trainer, and he said i should use the actual VO2 # (33) instead of estimated (57) ... but he's going to discuss it with the trainer i talked to yesterday because their software recently changed. his gut feel was the 950 calories burned was the better estimate. it'll be at least 3 months before i take the O2 test again. i'm also going to keep a log of resting heart rate for a couple days to get more accurate there. finally, it'll probably take a month of workouts (jogging and squats) before i record my true max heart rate. i'm assuming it'll still be lower than 160.

hmm ... i need 'working out for engineers'. it really bothers me when the numbers dont match up. when do i get the nano machines living in my body reporting out what the hell is actually going on in there?