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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : another caloric estimateTue, 05 Aug 2008 01:20:05 GMT # 

still trying to figure out what VO2 value to use with the heart rate monitor (HRM) for caloric estimation. the test gave a VO2 peak of 33. now this is where the test gets iffy. if you really get pushed to your limit, then its also your VO2 max. the problem is testers won't push you to the limit, because they dont want their gym-goers falling over and dying. instead, they push you just past your anaerobic threshold, and the software estimates your VO2 max (mine was 57). this is where i'm still confused because 33 is on the low end of the continuum and 57 is on the opposite extreme. depending on which i use, the caloric estimate has a diff of at least 500 calories per workout.

ignoring my possible VO2 values, i think i'm going to use a simpler technique. the O2 test also provides actual calories burned across different target heart rate zones. and the HRM provides the average heart rate across the entire workout. so i'll just multiply average heart rate by the # of calories i burn per that target zone. the initial results seem to look like reasonable estimates to me. not sure, but i might be able to enter my actual target zones into the HRM and have it report the amount of time i was in each zone, which would be the most accurate.