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DesktopWeb FormText   iphone wannabe 3gSat, 09 Aug 2008 23:43:08 GMT # 

so AT&Ts 3G rollout is crap ... or the iphone 3G has a crap antenna. if i turn off 3G, i get 3 to 4 bars with EDGE. switch 3G back on and i get 1 bar tops, and it keeps switching back to EDGE. checking the blogs, this is a recurring theme, even in large urban areas. for kicks, i'm going to abuse my local AT&T store to try and get a support ticket for my area. the other option is to try a signal booster ($220-$300), but first i have to see if i get good reception anywhere on the condo. not looking good since reception was weak the entire time when i drove around the block. er, um ... and isn't that what i'm paying AT&T for in the 1st place?

absolutely ridiculous since i'd been rocking 3G with Verizon for almost 2 years in less populated areas. 'more bars in more places' ... my ass