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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : 1st week of bulkingSun, 10 Aug 2008 17:02:07 GMT # 

er, um ... i'm eating all the time. when i was on the -500 calorie reduction, i was eating every 3 hrs and rarely got hungry. now i'm trying to consume 250+ calories (above maintenance level) by eating larger portions every 2 hrs. the goal was to get +500 but i haven't figured out how to eat that much yet. if i could drink those calories it'd be easy. i'm keeping fats just above 20% for hormone production. since i'm eating more total calories, that's about 20g more than when on the diet. carbohydrates and protein are ranging from 325-350g and i'm trying to lean towards getting slightly more carbs for energy. so i try to get equal amounts of carbs and protein each meal. e.g. 'double meat' for sandwiches. e.g. blend quick oats into protein shakes. sugar has been ranging from 75 to 100. the additional sugar has been from fruit in the morning and post workout when i want an insulin spike to help with recovery.

strength is definitey down but i feel like its on the rebound. i'd been feeling really flat and was failing quickly. at least my musces seem 'fuller' and i've been able to make it through sets of 10 to 12. bodyweight jumped up to 2 pounds to 221 when i took a week off (i'm assuming that's stored glycogen and water) but its stayed the same since. i've heard that it takes a couple weeks to switch from catabolic to anabolic ... so i'm testing that theory now. visually my legs and shoulders look bigger and leaner at the same time ... odd. on the other hand, my belly looks slightly softer. i'll definitely put some fat back on, i'm just hoping its not alot. and i'm really hoping its mainly glycogen stores and water weight which i can quickly strip off going back to a caloric reduction next month.