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DesktopWeb FormText   waiting for AT&T serviceSun, 10 Aug 2008 19:27:04 GMT # 

tried to see if a wireless repeater would work for me. walked all over my house trying to get a good signal that could be repeated. upstairs by a windows ... no good. all around the outside ... no good. in the attic ... in TX ... in August ... no good (then i was pissed off and sweaty). so a wireless repeater won't work for me.

go to the AT&T store, where i get a great connection because they have a repeater. they check the settings, but ended up logging a service check with my address. i should hear from them sometime next week. to make me happy, they've got to get it so that it doesn't rollback to EDGE when i'm at home. even if its still just 1 bar, i'd be ok so long as it stays 3G.

talked to Verizon too. a local customer service rep seemed to think they could take me back within a week without me having to start a new contract. but i'd have to call their customer service within a week. if nothing changes with AT&T next week, then i'll see about switching back to Verizon without starting a new contract.