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DesktopWeb FormText   returned the iphoneThu, 14 Aug 2008 22:31:34 GMT # 

had the iPhone (wannabe) 3G for almost a week. in that time, every single call and web browsing session from home started out as 3G and ended up EDGE within 30 seconds. there's a study on, but i can't complete the 3G test because its already reverted to EDGE by the time i hit start. AT&T was supposed to service my area and contact me, but now that i see that the problem is global, i'm giving up. Verizon ported my # back over and i'll be back on the old month to month contract (think my service rep said i had 90 days to return to the old plan). returned the iPhone. i actually really liked the phone itself. its not helping that both Apple and AT&T haven't acknowledged the problem. the workers at the AT&T store even pretended like there wasn't one. if i wanted an iPhone EDGE, i would have gotten v1. then they go and put 3G in its name and totally fuck it up. now i'm holding my breath for the HTC Touch Pro; or it looks like we might be seeing Android soon enough. or i'd get another iphone if they'd fix the phone and/or service.