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DesktopWeb FormText   pythonSat, 16 Aug 2008 16:04:49 GMT # 

trying to bake up a quick little script for XBMC. for UI, i just need a list and the ability to play network streams. found an XBMC sample for a list, and it just looks like a single call to play the stream. but then i ignored XBMC for a bit and just wrote the networking and screen scraping part in python on my desktop. that wasn't too bad. screwing around with indentation is stupid, and i'm quite sure their concept of global is not intuitive. and finding an XML lib to use took some fumbling around. anyway, i got that working easily enough. but now i'm trying to put the networking piece back into XBMC ... PITA! for debugging on XBMC you just call the 'print' statement. then when you exit your app you can open a debug window to see what is going on. but when i interact with the list, i keep getting into a situation where i cant exit the app without resetting XBMC. and that wipes the debug log. so then i have no clue what the problem is that caused it to lock in the first place. painful. going to have to read their script forum to figure out what stupid mistakes i'm making.