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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : olympic liftsSun, 17 Aug 2008 18:43:10 GMT # 

couple days ago at the gym : a guy doing clean and jerk. today at the gym : powerclean. # of times i've seen anybody perform these lifts at the gym within last 8 months ... 0. chances are i'll stop seeing these lifts as soon as the olympics end, then i won't see them again til the next olympics, because olympic lifts are killer. these are the least performed lifts at a typical gym (from most to least common) :

squat - relatively common, but its usually the same people each time. most people dont purposefully crush themselves with weight. out of the people performing squat, about half of them are only doing half-squats.
deadlift - mainly because its such a pain to load and unload the bar. plus the initial start of the movement is killer.
powerclean - most gyms dont have a good place to perform this lift. it also takes some balls to drop under the weight before you squat it up.
clean and jerk - starts as a powerclean and then you have to press that over your head. good luck with that.
snatch - the name is funny, but i can't remember ever seeing this lift performed at a public gym. you need some agility for this lift.