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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : weight gain 4000Mon, 18 Aug 2008 03:25:59 GMT # 

still feeding the machine (this is where you visualize me pumping my arm to make the Mack Truck horn honking signal). probably been over 3500 calories daily, but i've stopped counting calories because its too much effort now that my caloric intake has increased. the new rule is :

can i eat? ... if YES, then eat. if NO, continue digesting. wait 30 minutes, repeat.

if i ever feel hungry, then the battles already been lost. the goal is to preemptively strike before hunger pains fire. one change is to switch from protein supplements to MRP (meal replacement) which has more calories and a closer balance of carbs and protein. they taste better too! i dont seem to be doing very good at gaining weight this round, so i'll probably have to switch to full on weight gain 4000 next round (BEEFCAKE!). too early to tell, but it needs to start packing on for me to reach 225 this month. at least i think i'm mostly out of the catabolic state and my body should be re-learning how to be inefficient using calories. hoping that translates into better weight loss next month.

energy levels are picking up but still have not at full capacity. i want that feeling back when i walk into the gym chomping at the bit to move some iron. strength is up slightly but my left shoulder is gimped and holding back chest workouts. left shoulder has become a recurring problem. think its because i've got a bone fragment or cartilige build-up in my right elbow which wont allow it to fully straighten (from a football helmet). it used to be that the right elbow would injure first, then i would favor that elbow and the injury would transition to the left shoulder that was overcompensating. now the right elbow injury is skipped altogether and it goes straight to the left shoulder. if we ever get in a fight, you should use that to your advantage.