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DesktopWeb FormText   trackball seems to be dyingMon, 25 Aug 2008 04:14:21 GMT # 

just want to start out by saying mice are lame, and used by luddite persons referred to as arm-movers. trackballs rule! hell, the ball itself can be used as a projectile weapon. plus nobody ever uses your computer because they dont know what to do without a mouse. you know the movie scene where they break in and immediately know how to hack into the computer and grab all the files. that problem is easily solved by using a trackball. the hero would reach for the mouse, be foiled by a trackball, would not be able to find out your evil master plan, and he's dead in the next scene. happy ending. for the real world just replace 'hero' with 'your sig. other' and 'find evil master plan' with 'find your porn stash'.

since the last time i bought a trackball, nothing seems to have changed. i'll end up getting another Logitech Cordless Optical TrackMan because i'm a finger-mover and not a thumb-mover. finger-movers are cooler than thumb-movers which are still cooler than arm-movers. i wish MS hardware would have a trackball revival because the Microsoft Trackball Explorer was the best pointing device ever. the 3rd party retailers on Amazon are selling it for $300 used and $450 new! was also really hoping i'd be able to get rid of a transceiver by now.