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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : start of diet roundThu, 04 Sep 2008 03:39:58 GMT # 

been slowly reducing calories the past week from a +500 surplus to a -500 deficit. weight started at 225, even bounced up to 227, but has come back down to 222. that quick loss should be glycogen and water. now i can see what damage the last month of bulking did. belly has thinned some but still looks bigger from the starting point. legs picked up some muscle and seem to be showing more definition. shoulders and traps definitely added some size too.

nutrition is going to change slightly from last time. the main change is to get more carbohydrates after a workout. i'm also going to bump up calories after the heaviest workout days. this weekly 'cheat' day will be similar to what i ate when bulking. finally, i'm going to severely limit, but not completely cut out fruit. this will mainly be to add some fruit juice to flavor water. cold brewed coffee is still on the menu, and i need to get back to drinking green tea.

supplements. a friend had good results with Forslean, so i'm giving it a shot now. when its empty, i'll switch to a more traditional thermogenic. also trying Waximaize. that's giving me 40 grams of carbs with a post workout drink. that bumps total carbs up to equal the amount of protein i'm getting, so i'll cut that out soon to get more of a deficit. might cycle back onto it if i feel energy levels dropping.

lifting. the change will be to start out at high reps and then lower the # of reps each month. starting at 10 to 12 now, 8 to 10 next month, and 5 to 8 if i go a 3rd month. i've been real happy with the current routine : chest/forearms, legs/calves, back, shoulder/tris, traps/bis ... but i have to change routines next month.

cardio. starting out with radical changes here. i'm not doing morning cardio at all. what i had been doing was really low intensity, so i'm cutting it out to give my legs more time to heal and have more productive lifting sessions. there is some logic to my afternoon cardio now too. mid intensity intervals at the start of a workout cycle, low intensity recovery the day after legs, and high intensity the final day. each cardio workout is slightly more intense than what i had been doing before. this plan coincides with what the O2 test recommended.