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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : 1st week of dietWed, 10 Sep 2008 00:27:57 GMT # 

didn't work ... i actually gained weight. went from 222 to 225, then back down to 223. wondering if i was still stuck in an anabolic state? not sure, because there is no way i had a caloric surplus. one problem is i was getting more carbs than protein, because i was still taking Waximaize after lifting. just ran out, so that gets rid of 40 grams of carbs. i'm assuming that will give me the deficit to deplete glycogen stores and i'll see weight loss from here on. my morning shake has quite a few carbs, so i might end up switching it out later. also adding low intensity AM cardio. it doesnt actively burn many calories, but it does seem to get my metabolism started earlier to burn more calories throughout the day. just need to remember to skip it on leg day. the good news is that i've been measuring lower bodyfat percentages at the same bodyweight as previous measurements. e.g. previous measurements were in the 14.75 to 15.5 range, now its in the 13.8 to 14.1 range. i take that to mean that i really did add some lean muscle last month. and if i can keep from losing muscle right now, i might be able to hit 10% bodyfat closer to 215lbs than 210lbs.