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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : fat burning zoneMon, 29 Sep 2008 05:24:54 GMT # 

weight dropped down to 218 yesterday. now i'm fully back into fat burning mode. the main tell is body temperature. after eating, my body temp kicks into high gear. especially after a 'cheat' meal. the same happens with low intensity exercise. even light walking will turn the heat up and i'll start sweating immediately (highly unattractive). the keys to get into the fat burning mode was to have a 500 calorie deficit, keep fats at or slightly above 10%, and keep carbs about 50 grams below proteins. this gives me enough energy to do normal activities, including working out, but i'm definitely not a ball of energy. strength fails quicker when lifting and failure is immediate. e.g. i might do 1 rep fine and then completely fail on the next rep; opposed to gradual failure over a # of reps. and forcing myself to do cardio after lifting takes some mental discipline because glycogen stores are already depleted. before counting calories, when i tried to diet, i would mainly cut out fats or too many calories. this would work for about a month and then my body would crash, mentally and physically. trying to operate on low fats would ultimately hinder my ability to think, so i would fail. the lower carb doesnt have that effect. low intensity morning cardio also seems to help kick start the metabolism. i also eat 8 meals: 4 small meals and 4 shakes : morning shake, breakfast (carbs, fat, protein), lunch (carbs, fat, protein), afternoon shake, pre workout snack (carbs, protein), post workout shake, post workout snack (fat, protein), before bed shake. the largest meals are breakfast and lunch, so i get more calories (especially carbs) earlier in the day. the many small meals throughout the day has tethered me close to food sources. if i go more than 2 hours without a shake or snack, i start to get cranky. 3 or 4 hours and my body starts to shut down. so i have to carry 'emergency' food stores that can be deployed when needed. one really odd thing is that jogging is easier for me on reduced calories. i would assume it would be more difficult, because i have less calories for energy, but i can get into the zone easier. when i was jogging while eating surplus calories, it was a struggle for me to catch my wind and it just did not feel comfortable.

so under 220, my WiiFit Mii should be out of obese and back to overweight :) bodyfat is currently around 13 or 14%. even though i wasnt using calipers to measure bodyfat when i first started, my lean muscle mass seems to have remained mostly constant. so i'm estimating that i started out at 240+ lbs with 21 or 22% bodyfat at the beginning of May. at this stage, every couple of pounds lost (as long as its primarly fat) is 1% off my bodyfat percentage.