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DesktopWeb FormText   WHS upgradedThu, 09 Oct 2008 00:24:43 GMT # 

upgraded the RAM in my Windows Home Server box from 512 to 2 gigs after HP announced this would not void your warranty (awesome). followed the steps here : Upgrade the Memory in your HP EX470 or EX475. read the warning about stripping the small screws, had the right screwdriver, and still managed to strip one! so i had to take an hour break to wait for a battery to charge to drill it out. i'm real happy about the upgrade because the console responds much faster. now i can put some Add-Ins back on it. had previously uninstalled all Add-Ins (even the one i wrote!) because they were just bogging it down. i had real issues with PVConnect chewing up resources and making it unusable. not sure if that was just when it was building an initial media library.

anyway, i actually dont have any UPnP services running on it anymore. XBMC is using SMB and has its own library, while the last Popcorn Hour update sped up SMB access, so it can play 1080p content from WHS without having to use UPnP (or installing NFS). i'm waiting on the next Xbox 360 update to see if that makes it a worthwhile UPnP MediaRenderer again. or maybe not, now that XBMC is running on Apple TVs. i could definitely see that becoming a replacement for the Xbox1 running XBMC, because the Xbox1 occasionally has difficulty playing some (busy) SD content. plus, the Apple TV already supports infrared. think i'd still need the Popcorn Hour for 1080p content, because I believe Apple TV maxes out at 720p. my current media content is now split up between SD and HD. i use the Xbox1 with XBMC a majority of the time (since most of my content is SD and the UI is fast), and only use the PCH for HD or busy SD content that fails on the Xbox1. all content is served from NAS devices over SMB (WHS) or NFS (ReadyNAS), so UPnP isnt necessary. in other words, the Xbox 360 needs to be able to playback content over SMB/NFS shares too.