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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : mid monthThu, 16 Oct 2008 22:46:31 GMT # 

the week of (mostly) jogging had some effects. bodyweight dropped down to 215 and fat percentage is around 13%. that seems to confirm that every 2 to 3 pounds lost now will be a percentage of bodyfat. the bad news is i seem to have lost some muscle too. the calipers show a slight drop in both lean mass and fat weight. this is also backed by my measurements losing a 1/2 inch across the board. er, um ... i can't wait to start bulking back up. i've read that as you get to lower bodyfat percentages, your body will look drastically different with small weight changes. i think i'm close to reaching that point. more bad news is that my belly, which is smaller, is stubborn as hell. my chest and thigh caliper measurements keep dropping at the same pace as my belly. at some point, they've got to level out, and my belly should start shedding the weight (i hope!). granted i thought that was going to happen 5 lbs ago. now i'm done with the jogging changeup and switching back to a regular lifting/cardio routine. also, i have tightened up my diet and am back to counting calories to make sure i stay at 2250 to 2500. now it looks like i'll have to get my bodyweight down to 210 (or below) to get to 10% bodyfat percentage.