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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : end of monthFri, 31 Oct 2008 01:55:37 GMT # 

the goal was go get below 215. body weight is still bouncing around, but i hit 214 lbs a couple of times, so i met the goal. from my measurements, bodyfat percentage is somewhere between 13 and 15%. visibly, i'm showing more definition. my quads had good separation, but now my hamstrings are starting to become noticeable. shoulders and biceps look alot better. lower belly has become visibly smaller within the last week too. my lifts are holding strong after taking the week off to jog, and energy is still high, so it was a good month.

just met with a nutritionist to review what i'd been doing. couple changes have come out of that. 1) i could stand to get more water. one easy switch is to go to decaf coffee and avoid the diuretic. also going to try out some stevia water mix-in products. 2) need to switch back to low fat cheese to avoid saturated fat. so i'll have to add some more good fats. 3) need to get on a daily omega 3 fat supplement (not a 3/6/9 complex, and it should be a fish source). 4) should adjust my meals to get more protein before evening workouts. this isn't an issue with morning workouts. 5) i should split my pre-bed protein drink from 50 grams right before bed, to 25 grams before bed, and the other 25 when i wake up a couple hours later. in general, i should keep protein intake below 40-45 grams at any one meal. 6) i'm not eating many veggies, should work more into my diet; but i'll probably just end up adding a greens drink ... which will also help with #1 to push more water.