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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : another month, another goalSun, 02 Nov 2008 20:56:58 GMT # 

this months goal is to drop another 5 lbs and get below 210. that potentially puts me at 10% bodyfat, which is the end goal. the error is introduced by using calipers to measure bodyfat percentage. i've got 2 different calipers. when i self-measure, they consistently have a 1% difference. when i have a trainer measure at my gym, they've measured +0 to +2% from my measurements. a 2% difference is about 4 lbs for me. so to hit 10%, 210 is optimistic and 205 is pessimistic. the calipers show that i am getting close, because i am dropping a percentage every couple of pounds lost. the only problem is you can find pics of people at different bodyfat percentages. our bodytypes are different, but they still look leaner than i do at similar percentages. this means my measurements might be optimistic and/or my bodytype is causing the visible differences. as i get leaner, bodytype should become irrelevant. finally, this will be my 3rd month of weight loss, so there is some risk that my body might get into a catabolic state again. if my caliper measurements show lean muscle mass dropping, then i'll quickly change gears to maintenance calories for a couple weeks.

lifting schedule will stay the same. only change will be to drop reps to 5-8 for strength and promote mass retention. last time i tried doing high reps for the 3rd month of weight loss, and that was a disaster ... i'm thinking low reps might keep me from going catabolic and chewing up muscle. cardio has the most changes by switching to some yoga and stairmaster workouts. diet will stay about the same except for the changes made after meeting with the nutritionist. i'm definitely in a fat burning mode now, so i'll probably consume slightly more calories, again, to avoid going catabolic.