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DesktopWeb FormText   volatile memoryMon, 17 Nov 2008 16:22:59 GMT # 

Windows Home Server backup database got corrupted yesterday, so it lost all my backups. actually, it still had 1 failed backup ... which i marked for deletion. and i was getting all warm and fuzzy with WHS, and this just knocked off some of the fuzziness. anyway, i didnt lose anything, and it was a simple matter to kick off a manual backup on all machines. the actual data, i.e. porn :), on the WHS is stored separate of backups, and all that is still there.

now one of my ReadyNas devices is not accessible. from the forums, i'm assuming one of my harddrives has gone bad and its thrashing around screwing stuff up. i haven't lost any data with ReadyNas yet ... so i'm hopeful that this can be fixed without any loss. of course Infrant was bought by ReadyNas a while back, so that lowered my confidence in them by association.