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DesktopWeb FormText   how to paint a target on your backMon, 17 Nov 2008 16:36:29 GMT # 

been getting hit with comment spam. er, um ... it definitely has everything to do with me breaking a CAPTCHA years ago. since, the 360 started playing DivX natively, the CAPTCHA article is definitely the most popular. i cant tell you how disappointing that is, because it is definitely not my favorite project. so now i periodically get automated comment spam. the funny thing is my sites not that popular, and these guys waste their time automating it, which in turn makes me waste my time changing my comment pages. so that breaks them and they leave me alone for a while. its been a long time, so i'm looking at the code now, and i dont remember ANY of it. its like a totally different person wrote the code. some of its like 'what the hell was i thinking?' and other parts are like 'that pretty slick, when did i forget how to do that?'. anyway, back on track, the comments for the article show my mistake :

anon : do you have a captcha on your comments

casey : no. it's a custom blog engine, so its less likely somebody will spend the time to automate posting to it ...

anon : [proceeds to automate comment spam to my site]