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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : mid monthWed, 19 Nov 2008 04:13:15 GMT # 

postponed the diet for the last 2 weeks and ate at maintenance level. it was one of those 'listen to your body' decisions, and from switching back to strength training, my body was screaming for calories. it actually worked out fairly well. i put on a couple pounds, bodyfat percentage is the same, so it should be muscle/glycogen/water. also been eating more (good) fats, moving the percentage closer to 25%. its counterintuitive, but my lower belly seem to have thinned a little. now i'm feeling recharged to continue a caloric deficit for the rest of the year. thanksgiving won't be a problem, but i'll have to be wary of those xmas cookies.

actually bought one of those 'Iron Gyms' from the TV commercials. surprisingly, i really like it. i've owned a couple pullup trees before and they take up too much space, are more expensive, and difficult to move. i've also had the pullup bars before which were a pain to mount or could not support my weight. the Iron Gym does have a little give at 215 lbs, but holds mostly solid. i've mainly been using it for hanging leg raises, to target my low abs. already had my own ab straps, so i cant vouch for the qualiy of straps that might come with it. as they show in the commercials, i would never use it for pushups or dips ... lame advertising. the floor works perfect for pushups and dips require a tree or higher bench for full range of motion.