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DesktopWeb FormText   holding breath on data recoveryThu, 20 Nov 2008 01:43:03 GMT # 

so my ReadyNas was inaccessible and i could not get to it on the network at all. all i had to go off of were the LED lights on the front. of course it was blinking a pattern that is not described in the manual ... of course. searching the forums, i found a couple different posts that seemed like they were my problem or similar. at least one drive had failed. i remember that the 2nd or 3rd drive had issues before, but they ended up being internal errors used by Seagate. it was even in a FAQ that these errors could be ignored and it told me specifically which errors to look out for, of which i had none (at the time). so i pulled the 3rd drive hoping it would come up ... no luck. ok, maybe it was the 2nd drive. replace the 3rd, pull the 2nd drive ... nothing. crap! found another post that says pull the first drive. replace the 2nd, and pull the 1st, and its on the network! of course it shows that none of my files are there. crap ... tons of data might be gone. deep breath. deeper breath. its just data ... its just data. remember, you're a minimalist, that should apply to data too. ok ... check the error log. Disk 3 seems to have failed, and then when it failed over to the X-RAID, it found 1 bad sector on Disk 1 ... and everything went to hell after that. crap ... i might have really lost all the data. for kicks, i replace drive 1 and put in a new drive for Disk 3. surprisingly, it stays on the network. huh? and does a file system check for over 24 hours ... i was ready to give up on it after 12 hours. now its 50% through a resync to Disk 3. so my data might still be there? i'd be really surprised.